Premium Solid Shell Brown


  • SOlID SHELL CONSTRUCTION: The shell of our premium suit is solid so it is not breathable. 
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 1 lb - This 2 piece leafy hunting suit is full of great features and comes with its own storage / carrying bag.
  • JACKET: Full-Front Zipper -Two Front Slash Pockets with Zippered Closure - Elastic Cuffs and Waist - Attached Hood with Adjustable Drawstrings.
  • PANTS: 2 large zipper pockets - KNEE LENGTH ZIPPERS make these pants extremely easy to put on and take off without having to take off your hunting boots. Elastic Waist with Drawstring - Elastic Ankles.
  • WICKED WOODS CAMOUFLAGE: Completely eliminate your human silhouette and blend into your surroundings. This suit has twice the amount of leafy material compared to most suits on the market.
  • 3 Sizes: LARGE: 28-34" Waist / 32" Inseam - XL: 34-38" Waist / 33" Inseam - XXL: 38-44" Waist / 34"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charles Zentz
Great company

Solid product. Well made. But the company is even better. Fantastic customer service. Fast shipping. Good communication. Will do business again.

Gary H.
I've had awesome encounters while wearing the Brown Woodland Leafy Pair!

Let's see... Calling with eCaller and after 45min and beginning to stand up from stool and realize there's a Bobcat 8yds to my immediate right! A couple years later last day of deer season had Bocat walk past by sit! Hadn't seen anything all day, so she came home with me! Have recorded video of Deer walking past me..17yds and 14yds. Even had a CottonTail come within 18in of my Right Foot! Because the breeze was in my favor. It's not to bad in the heat. as long as you have some shade to sit in. And only wear a thin camo longsleeve shirt underneath. The face mask that goes with this is nice! Doesn't cause me as much fogging of my glasses as some others can. I've had a bird land on my head while on my sit in deer season.

Brian Latuga

Fits great, not too small or too big. The elastic at the waist and wrists keep the suit well on your body. The pockets are very quiet. The camo quality is fantastic and really blends in wonderfully. Can’t say enough about the ability to throw this on over top of regular warm clothing.

Premium quality suits

Have been using the NMG Premium Solid Shell green & brown suits for many years around Australia. They have all the features you want in a Ghillie suit. Deep pockets, easy entry leg zips, lightweight and comfortable.
I can not recommend this company and its suits more highly. They are the go to for all Camo suits.

Joshua H.
Quality product that you can't even see.

The quality of the brown leafy suit is excellent. It doesn't feel like it would be easily ripped, it doesn't really catch on breyers and twigs very easily, and it breaks up the silhouette better than any camouflage I've used. I love being able to wear warm winter items that are not camouflaged underneath instead of having to buy more warm winter items that were camouflage. Also if I want to go anywhere between hunting and home I can take off the leafy suit and be in regular clothes.