Hybrid Ghillie Suit Woodland Brown


Ghillie Suit Sizes
    Full Cover Advanced Concealment Construction - Woodland Ghillie Suit - High Quality Ghille Suit   Progressive Combination of 3D Fabric and 3D String Design Attached Full Cover Drawstring Hood Button Jacket provides easy on and off Hybrid Ghillie Suit weighs approximately 3 to 5 pounds depending on size Camouflage Carry / Storage Bag Great for hunting, paintball, airsoft

Customer Reviews

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Wilbert Buckingham
Ghillie suit

As described and a quality product

Tim D
Love it.

I live in Connecticut. This suit is perfect for the area I live In. Great price compared to others.

Jens Diekow

3 mal Geschüttelt den Anzug .da war die Hälfte der Fäden schon abgefallen ,keine gute Qualität von der Verarbeitung der Fäden

No issues

Worth ever penny and no issues with the suit.

James M
Great camo, durability questionable

So I bought this only for turkey hunting. I’ve had it for one season and it has held up decent.
I had called hens in to under 10 yards with this and I missed a tom at 30. This suit was great camo and all the turkeys I encountered close and far had zero clue I was there. That is with the hood up and string pulled in front of my face. I also like how easy it is to slip on and off. It gets shredded when going though pricked bushes so if I’m ever walking I slip it off and put it on when I get to the spot.
The only complaint I have is the string gets very gnarly at the bottom of the pant from walking through sticks and bushes. And I’ve noticed small sticks and soy beans get all caught up in the string and is very difficult to take out. Even with that problem I think the camouflage makes up for it.