1/2 Pound - Lightweight Synthetic Ghillie Yarn to Build Your Own Ghillie Suit

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  • QUALITY GHILLIE SUIT THREAD - Make your own ghillie suit using North Mountain Gear Camo's quality synthetic thread. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT THREAD - Don't get weighed down by a heavy ghillie suit. Our thread is about half the weight of conventional jute thread.
  • PRE-CUT AND BUNDLED - Our thread is pre-cut into approximately 18 inch lengths Each bundle weighs one half pound.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN GHILLIE SUIT - By adding our thread to your ghillie netting (not included) you can create a custom ghillie poncho. Or if you already have a ghillie suit, add more color and depth to it to enhance its camouflage ability.
  • FIRE RETARDANT, WATER PROOF and ROT PROOF - You don't have to worry about your thread getting wet. Our synthetic thread does not rot like natural jute thread does.