Ambush HD Camouflage Leafy Ghillie Hunting Suit Jacket Pants Green

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  • North Mountain Gear products are made high quality material and designed to withstand the tough conditions hunters encounter
  • Complete 2 piece camo leafy suit with attached hood, Both jacket and pants feature 3D double printed leaves
  • Size Chart Large: 28-34" Waist / 30" Inseam XL: 34-38" Waist / 32" Inseam XXL: 38-44" Waist / 32" Inseam
  • Elastic Waistband and Elastic Cuffs
  • Bug stopper camo mesh lining super light, soft, silent


There are many advantages to wearing 3D Camo suits when hunting. 3D eafy suits are very lightweight / breathable / compact and economic but the one advantage that may be most beneficial is the suit's ability to eliminate the human silhouette. Whether you are still hunting on the ground in a tree stand or stalking your game leafy suits will give you an edge when trying to blend into your surroundings.

6 Month manufacture warranty