Ghillie Sniper Veil 48" X 40"

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  • GHILLIE SNIPER VEIL - This sniper veil mesh is a great base material for many camouflage needs. Can be used as a face veil, head covering, military scarf, paintball scarf head wrap plus much more.
  • GHILLIE RIFLE WRAP - Easy to cut up and used to make a airsoft sniper rifle wrap. Use it to conceal your tactical sniper backpack. Great for many different outdoor activities.
  • GHILLIE SUIT KIT MATERIAL - Can also be cut up into strips and used as additional ghillie suit material to add texture onto your ghillie or 3d leafy suit.
  • KEEPS YOU COOL - Soak the tactical scarf and wrap it around your neck. The rectangular holes allows the air to flow through while the wet cotton provides evaporative cooling to your neck.
  • SIZE: 48" X 40" Available in woodland camouflage - brown - olive green - desert tan. 100% satisfaction guarantee.